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We provide project management support and training services to construction and property development companies in the UK

Our Principal Consultant earned a Honours degree in Civil and structural engineering from University of Bradford in 1985, he subsequently earned a post graduate diploma in Property valuation and law from Cass Business school, City University of London in 2005. He has 34 years post graduate experience in the construction. in the UK, Nigeria, Jersey Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Nigeria.

Project Management in Construction

We will support you in planning and managing your property development and construction projects to successfully completion. Our experience has involved 34 years of successfully managing the construction of , Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Office blocks, mixed used developments, residential developments, land remediation, motor ways, roads, bridges harbours, marinas, and tunnels projects.

We have supported construction and property development companies in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Ghana. Including developing financial models to confirm viability of proposed projects

Training in Construction Planning & Project management

Using our considerable experience in managing the pre - construction and construction phases in construction and property development industry, we provide training in construction project management. One of the tools we use is Asta Power projects, which is a leading project management software. 

Project management software is used for successfully managing portfolios, resources and costs for property development and construction projects. From feasibility, through design, procurement and construction on site. Training carried out for UK in the UK and Nigeria. Companies include Courtney Michaels Nigeria Ltd.

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